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Position Papers

The Australian Society of Cosmetic Chemists is a united ‘voice’ on various positions affecting our industry. Our Position Papers provide technical information and the ASCC position on various topics of interest to the community and industry at large. Select a topic below to read the ASCC position on your article of interest.

Environmental Pollution of Cosmetic (and other Plastics) in Waterways

position as at 9th September, 2015

Cosmetics and the use of Animal Testing

position as at 18th March, 2016

The Use and Safety of Hydroxy Acids in Cosmetics

position as at 9th September, 2015

The Benefits of Cosmetics/Toiletries

position as at 7th March, 2013

Packaging & Labelling of Cosmetic & Personal Care

position as at 29th October, 2012

Preservatives Used in Personal Care Products

position as at 14th January, 2011


position as at 14th January, 2011


position as at 11th January, 2011

Definition of a Cosmetic

position as at 1st August, 2019

Baby Products

position as at 1st May, 2001

Substantiation of Cosmetic Claims

position as at 31st January, 1996