President’s Message

Dear Members,

I would like to welcome you all to the updated ASCC website. The ASCC Council is excited that this update will give current members and any potential new members a one stop shop for ASCC and industry related information making it an essential resource for anyone involved in the Personal Care industry. The ASCC website is the society’s main form of communication to members regarding the Annual Conference, lecture dinners, membership renewals and other news. By making the site more user friendly we hope to provide more member relevant content and open the door to enormous opportunities for our members.

The previous website has served us very well for over 10 years however with the fast moving nature of technology it became limited to what changes and updates could be made quickly. You will notice an updated visual look to the new website and combined with the latest technologies available we have been able to create a platform that can be modified and added to in the future serving the ASCC for many years. Functionality has been improved to ensure the society can remain able to build and provide quality information and education experiences for its members. Membership and payment processes have been improved to a much more automated process which will lead to faster response times and improved resourcing for the society.

At the same time we have updated our emailer system to provide an improvement in the look and delivery of bulk email messages to members including e-newsletters and notifications. Along with the website this is the first of many new initiatives that will be rolled out in the near future to provide additional resources and information to members. Make sure you visit the site regularly to keep up to date on the latest happenings.

I would like to personally thank Belinda Carli the current ASCC Publicity Officer for heading up this project. A website upgrade has been discussed for a number of years and it was with her dedication and persistence that this has finally become a reality along with much assistance from both Trish Maharaj and Kate Paulett. I appreciate all the work that has been put in by everyone over the last few months to get where we are today and the finished product that has resulted. Also special thanks must go to David and his team at Premium IT Solutions for putting together a fantastic end product.

The ASCC is a Society of a diverse range of members each with different focuses and objectives but all part of the same industry. It is this diversity which should be celebrated and harnessed. I would love to hear your feedback on what you think of the new website. What would you like to see more of and what have we left out?Do you have anything you would like to share that will be relevant for other members? All suggestions will be considered and implemented if possible.

Matthew Martens

ASCC President