NICNAS Stakeholder Update – July 2017

Consultations now underway

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NICNAS Reforms:
Consultation Paper 5
12 July 2017 Consultation paper on matters to be included in delegated legislation.
NICNAS Reforms:
Cost Recovery Model
Discussion Paper
21 July 2017 Discussion paper on the proposed cost recovery model.
IMAP (stage 2) Tranche 21 Publication 1 Sept
Public consultation on existing chemicals assessments using the Inventory Multi-tiered Assessment and Prioritisation framework
AICS Trade Name Annex 9 March 2018 Call for information on products listed on the AICS Trade Name Annex

Regulatory update

Reminder: NICNAS Reforms—Consultation Paper 5 submissions closing soon

Submissions on matters detailed in Consultation Paper 5, are due by 5pm AEST on 12 July. Due to drafting deadlines, no extensions can be offered.

Legislation to implement the NICNAS reforms
Please note that the Australian Government has now introduced the Industrial Chemicals Bill 2017 and related legislation to the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia. The legislation is currently before the House of Representatives. Further information on the progress of the package of Bills is available here.

If you need further information about the NICNAS Reforms, please contact the Reforms team on +612 8577 8837, Freecall 1800 638 528, or email

Consultation outcomes

IMAP Tranche 20

Consultation on Tranche 20 of assessments conducted using the Inventory Multi-tiered Assessment and Prioritisation framework has concluded and the finalised assessments have now been published.

Secondary notification assessment report
Consultation on the Secondary Notification Assessment on D-glucitol, 1-deoxy-1-(methylamino)-, N-C10-16 acyl derivatives has concluded and the final report is now available.

Find further information regarding current, future and past consultation events on the NICNAS Consultation Timeline.

Other matters

NICNAS 2017-18 Fees and Charges

Fees and charges for all NICNAS activities, including registration, certificate and permit applications, and AICS-related applications, changed on 1 July 2017.The registration fees and charges apply to the 2017-18 registration year, which starts from 1 September 2017. Late penalty charges remain unchanged. Please see the website for details: