Lester Conrad Award

This award is in memory of Lester Conrad who was instrumental in establishing the IFSCC and the ASCC.

It is awarded to the best paper presented at the conference.

Papers must meet the eligibility requirements detailed below:

Papers are judged by the following criteria in order of importance:

* Originality (5 points maximum)
* Scientific Contribution (5 points maximum)
* Importance and relevance to the Industry (3 points maximum)
* Presentation (2 points maximum)
* Use of visual aids (2 points maximum)

The winning presenter will be awarded a plaque at the Conference Gala Dinner. Their name will be engraved onto the Lester Conrad Shield which remains the property of the ASCC.

Both the Lester Conrad Shield and the Jack Jacobs Cup are on display during the proceedings of the Conference.

The winner of this Award will have their paper printed in the Science of Beauty magazine following the Conference.

Past Winners:
1981 J.H Pitman and Ross A Woods

1982 GB Randall, JM Phelps and BP Walker

1983 G Greenoak

1984 C Higgins

1986 D Forbes

1987 RC Marshall

1988 C Cardenas

1989 D.R Munden

1990 Dr L Williams

1991 S Daunheimer and R Malczewski

1994 J Pavichko

1995 W Johncock (PhD)

1998 J Staton

1999 L Hill

2000 Dr S P Chahal

2001 Dr D Nicolson

2002 L Fuchshuber

2005 Prof Dr L Zastrow

2006 Clara Goh

2007 Vince Gruber

2008 Julian Hewitt

2011 Dr Carmen Gutierrex

2012 SammuelVona

2013 Juntao Xia

2014 Tiffany Oliphant

2015 Dr Silvia Pastor

2016 Kevin Roden

2017 Tiffany Oliphant