Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program

The ASCC Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program is an opportunity for you to develop your abilities in the field of cosmetics and related areas. As a professional, you will spend time learning about cosmetics, regulatory requirements, research, business development, improving your personal performance skills and understanding changing market environments. The CPD Program simply formalises this process.

The CPD Program helps you keep track of the knowledge you have gained and the ASCC will recognise your efforts by allowing you to state that you are a member of the ASCC (in the form of “MASCC”) on your business stationary as a way to communicate your professionalism and expertise to employers, peers and broader network.

There are many courses and studies that ‘count’ towards your CPD requirements. Professional organisations, educational institutions and in-house trainers can run CPD activities. The ASCC holds conferences and lecture dinners which count towards your points. Seminars held by suppliers, on-line courses and post-graduate study can also contribute towards your points.

Keeping up with the requirements under the CPD Program is simple– because you probably do it anyway. You decide which sorts of activities satisfy your individual requirements. This system is broad enough to not only encompass the cosmetic scientists amongst us, but also marketers, business development managers and anyone involved in the cosmetics, toiletry, perfumery and like industries.

It is not compulsory for ASCC members to adopt this program however if you wish to, you will need to let the ASCC know of your intention once you have the annual requirements. Do this by contacting the ASCC with supporting data and provide evidence, your name will be entered into our data base and you will then be formally accepted into the CPD Program allowing you the use of the acronym: MASCC.

Annual CPD Requirements

The CPD year begins 1st January and ends 31st December. In order to be a recognised member of the ASCC, you must complete a minimum of 15 CPD points, every year.

Failure to accrue that many points will require removal of any association to the ASCC on your stationary and other forms of business communication including your on-line presence if applicable.

Points from one activity cannot be split over two CPD scheme years.

While it is up to you to determine what types of activities best suit you, as a guide, please see the table below for ways to gain your CPD points.

A minimum of 50% of the points need to be gained from ASCC events.

Activity CPD Point Value
Attending Seminars, workshops and lectures (including webinars/video conferencing, on-line learning packages) 1 Hour = 1 points (refreshment breaks not included) Note: 0.5 points are allowed for 30 minute presentations
ASCC Lecture Dinner attendance 2.5 points
ASCC Conference (entire) 9 points or record points for each lecture attended. (pro rata points can be allocated for Day Only registrants)
Suppliers Day attendance 4 points
Writing articles published in peer magazine/journals 5 points
Presenting a lecture/workshop 5 points
Member of relevant committee/working group/task force 2hours = 1 points
Postgraduate Study 1 subject = 5 points
Non-ASCC Cosmetic Conferences 2.5 points per day
Educational Features in the Science of Beauty Magazine issued by ASCC Points allocated on a case by case basis

CPD Calculator

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CPD Record Log

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Terms and Conditions

Record Keeping

You must keep a record of your professional development, including as a minimum, the date, learning provider, duration and location.


The ASCC will conduct random audits every year to ensure those who utilise the scheme are meeting their requirements.

If selected for an audit, you will be sent an e-mail requesting that you send your CPD records. If required, you may be asked for supporting documentation.

Members making a misleading declaration may be referred to the ASCC Council for further action.

Supporting Documentation

CPD Program adoptees must maintain a record of their CPD activities as outlined above, as well as retain supporting documentation. Such documentation may be in the form of receipts, certificates enrolment records, assessment reports, detailed diary notes or journal articles, and should be retained for a period of 24 months after the completion of each CPD year.


In special circumstances, exemptions may apply in situations where you are unable to complete your CPD requirement due to illness, parental leave, disability, unemployment or other particular hardship. Applications for exemptions must be made in writing to the ASCC


If you have been bestowed the honour of Life or Fellow member, then you may use LASCC or FASCC respectively on your business stationary. All members, regardless of their membership status will need to collect CPD points if they wish to use the MASCC/LASCC/FASCC acronym.